Manitou Men’s Club Season Wrap-Up

Hello Men’s Club Members,
First off, thanks to all of you for your continued support of Manitou Ridge and the Men’s Club. We do all of this to make sure we all have a fun golfing season. It’s a great group of guys and we hope to have you back next year. Please spread the word among friends as we are always on the lookout for more members to join in. All that said, let’s put a bow on the season with a recap of the closing weekend. 
Season Closer Event (Saturday) – Closer Results. Super fun day, lots of money paid out with golf, proxies, putting contests, skins, drawings, etc. All the cash and funny money is at the shop, so if you are a winner, pick up your funds and spend that funny money. Thanks again for coming out to play!
Closer Drawing – Those that were not able to make the Closer event, we did a random draw for $25 each since you missed out. Here are your winners, $25 cash waiting for each of you in the shop. (Shawn Donovan, Carl Erickson, Josh Jamnick, Rod Hodd, Larry Amsden, Anthony Arcand).
2023 Men’s Club Board – Thanks to the membership voting, we added 2 new board members. This helps tremendously to add more help in making this a great experience for all of us. We do this all voluntarily so no extra costs incurred to the membership. It allows more flexibility to run the extra events/activities we have installed (Putting tournaments, Ryder Cup, Clasen Challenges, Major Event Proxies, etc). So the same 5 Board Members (Jon Tomaszewski, Colin Stuhr, Cory Stepaniak, CJ Beaurline, and George Butkovich) now are pleased to welcome Jason Rhode and Aaron St. Marie! We will continue to do our best to make this a fun experience come 2023 and beyond. That said, anyone with ideas and feedback, we welcome that at any time. We hope to launch a survey soon to capture some of that as well. 
King of the Ridge (Sunday) – KOR 2022. Wow was that wind blowing! Appreciate everyone who came out to watch and put up with the weather. Exciting shots, putting tie breakers, and a worthy Champion. After Gary Stoltzman put together another title run, he was eliminated on #8 after a 7 footer failed to drop. That left Jon Tomaszewski, Bryant Moore, and Dave Martinucci as your final 3 playing the 9th. Martinucci found some trouble off the tee, but maneuvered his ball into position to advance. Moore made a solid par after his birdie failed to drop. Ski rolled in another birdie from distance to move on. Martinucci failed to convert the net birdie from 12 feet. In the putt off, Moore slightly edged Martinucci to advance vs Ski. Great event from Dave! Onto the 10th where both players ended up with Bogey and we pushed into extra holes as the daylight dwindled. After some tee trouble on #11, Moore recovered to make bogey. Ski had a par putt to win but watched it slide by from 5 feet. Onto the 12th. Ski found his tee shot over on the left and made a nice play to get into position just past the green. Moore wasn’t done with 11 however as his tee shot on #12 forced him down the other fairway. From there some tree issues led to double while Ski made a nice chip and converted the par save to take down the crown! Congratulations to Jon Tomaszewski, our 2022 King of the Ridge. Great run by Bryant Moore and Dave Martinucci as well. Full results attached. Nice job to all who played as we were able to get it all in despite having to play 2 extra holes. Great work Chucker and Colin on the logistics all day long. 
One final note – Please remember WE on the Men’s Club are stewards of the course and set the example for all. Please be kind to the course and equipment. Replace divots, fix ball marks, show up on time, be safe and respectful with the carts. The last thing we want is bad reports coming from our group. We want to continue the fun, but we have a responsibility to respect our course and equipment. Thanks again to everyone for a successful season!
See you soon!
-The Board!

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