2019 Men’s Club Season

Congratulations to our 2019 King of the Ridge Champion….Bob Beier


It took one extra hole for Bob to win over 2nd place finisher, Nick Bradshaw Jon Tomaszewski rounded out the top 3.  Congrats to all the participants.  The full results are posted on the Results page.

The Closer Tournament Results are also posted.  Don’t forget to spend your pro shop dough before the close of the golf season.

Congrats to our 2019 Men’s Club Champion, Dave Hubbard!

Congrats to the Singles Challenge Golf champion, Jon Tomaszewski!

Congrats to the Doubles Challenge Golf Champions, Bob Hanna and Kevin Glasow!

Help recruit new Members.  Our best resource to boost up our members is from you the members, word of mouth.  Please help us recruit new members for this season.  Put them in touch with a board member or Manitou staff for more information.



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