Challenge Golf

2019 Manitou Ridge Men’s Club Doubles Challenge Golf Results

Challenge Golf DOUBLES 2019, Rules and Format

1) This event remains as 2-man teams, best ball format.

2) All teams will play a qualifying round to post an 18-hole score (multiple qualifier attempts are allowed as long as the qualification entry fee is paid each attempt).


  • Teams may qualify any time prior to the qualifying deadline.
  • You may qualify as many times as you want, but must be with the same partner.
  • Entry is $20 per team and must be paid before you attempt to qualify, each time.
  • You must notify the pro shop prior to the qualifying round. The pro shop will prepare a score card for you.
  • You and your partner must play in the same group.
  • Your team must play with another Men’s Club member or one of the pro shop staff during your qualifying round, and that player must sign your scorecard.
  • Scoring during qualifying will use 100% of handicap.
  • You may qualify while participating in the May Men’s Club events (Memorial Day event or
    2-2 Ball 2-somes) subject to the above guidelines.

3) At the qualifying deadline of 9:00 p.m. on June 2, the top 16 scores and ties will be bracketed and seeded according to the qualifying score. As in the past, bracketed matches will be best ball match play, using 90% of handicap. Note: previous year champions get an automatic seed.
4) The brackets will include deadline dates for each match. You may play your match at any time prior to the deadline.
5) Deadlines will be strictly enforced and monitored by the Men’s Club Board. If your match is not completed or scheduled by Tuesday before the deadline weekend, we will make a tee time for your match. Competitors that show up for the tee time will play the match. If your partner does not show up you will play the match alone. In the unlikely event that no players show up a double forfeit will be declared. You cannot schedule a match for a date after the deadline.

6) Deadline scheduling – if the board must set a tee time for a match we will consider whether the participants normally play on Saturday or Sunday. If both teams normally play on the same day we will set a tee time for that day. If the teams normally play on different days we will flip a coin to determine whether to schedule the match for Saturday or Sunday of the deadline weekend. If the date conflicts with another Men’s Club event the match will be scheduled in the afternoon.

A final note: do not address any concerns with the pro shop staff, please see a board member. Complaints to the pro shop may result in cancellation of this event

Challenge Golf SINGLES 2019, Rules and Format

$20 entry fee, Sign-up deadline is JUNE 2

1) This event is head-to-head singles match play, using 90% of handicap.

2) Guidelines 4, 5 and 6 above also apply to Challenge Golf Singles.




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