Handicap Online

Men’s Club online handicap instructions

Handicaps – all paid members are entered into the MGA/GHIN system and you’ve been assigned a GHIN number.  To receive your GHIN number, you can ask for it the next time you play, send an email to Terry Hanson, or call the pro shop.  Please retain your number as you’ll need it to enter scores.

Score Entry – you only need your GHIN number and last name to enter scores online.  Go to www.mngolf.org and notice the blue line near the top of the screen.  Hover your mouse pointer over “HANDICAPPING” and a drop down menu appears, then click on “POST SCORES” which is the first option.  From here you can login to post scores.  Note that when the restrictions are lifted and we can access the clubhouse you’ll be able to enter your scores at the kiosk in the pro shop.

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